Women charged £45 more than men for car repairs

A new study has found that garages charge women up to 30 per cent more for car repairs than they charge men. ClickMechanic found women paying on average £45 more for vehicle repairs than men after surveying 182 garages around the UK.

A 2011 Ford Focus in need of a replacement clutch was used by both men and women to visit 10 cities in the UK. Eight out of the 10 cities charged women a higher premium over men, with Birmingham topping the list.

The average quote in Birmingham for male drivers was £445, where as female drivers were asked to shell out 30 per cent extra, rising the price to £582. Similarly high price differences were found in Manchester and London.

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Edinburgh and Sheffield were the only cities to beat the trend, with both cities charging women less than men. Edinburgh was found to be the most female-friendly city for vehicle repairs, charging on average 19 per cent less for women than men. The city closest on par between the two sexes is Liverpool, with only a £5 (one per cent) difference.

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The study also revealed that both sexes were quoted prices £80 above what the industry and trade body standards recommend, demonstrating the lack of transparency between consumers and garages. 

Andrew Jervis, co-founder and CEO of ClickMechanic said: “While the vast majority of mechanics strive to provide honest and reliable quotes, these results show that there is a worrying minority of garages failing to do so.

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“There is a desperate need across the industry for transparency and consistency in price in order to establish trust with consumer of both sexes.”

Steph Savill, founder of Foxy Lady Drivers Club, an association offering insurance and motoring advice to women commented: “I identify with the sentiments of the survey as sadly many women join us after being ripped off by garages and car dealers, or because they’re on their own and worry about this happening to them.”

How much more are women charged for car repairs? 

The table below reveals the differences between car repair charges for men and women across the UK…


£ Difference

% Difference


























– £32



– £117


Average price difference



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